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Jewels Series

Jewels of Punjab
Leading Global Punjabi Personalities

How's the life journey of successful Indians and successful Punjabis business leaders in the world like?

Jewels of Gujarat
Leading Global Gujarati Personalities (Vol. I)

Read the biography of the world-renowned Gujarati tycoon Mukesh Ambani and the man behind Larsen & Tourbo, Lance Naik.

Jewels of Rajasthan
Leading Global Rajasthani Personalities (Vol. II)

A life journey of successful Indians and successful business leaders from Rajasthan in the world.

Jewels of South India
Leading & Emerging Global Personalities

The essence of this coffee-table book is to serve as a beacon of hope and confidence.

Jewels of Rajasthan
In the World Volume-1

A brainchild of those who worked on our earlier works on Rajasthan, who came across several of those who have in one or the other way helped the state grow.

Jewels of India
Leading Indian American Personalities

A gaiety publication about the few of Indian diaspora in the USA who are today contributing to the economical development of both their countries.

Other Publications

Dubai 2007
Indian Achievers

The first was Dubai 2007 – Indian Achievers, an exclusive book adorned with 85 one-page biodata of influential people of Indian origin in Dubai, including a comprehensive detail of 10 highly developed cities in the UAE.

Abhivyakti (Jain Samaj)

A collection of religious bhajans, specially for Jain samaj written by the revered Sadhwi Shri Mahapragya ji Ma. Saa.

Life of A Legend
Vijaydev Ratanjee Mistry

Life of A Legend - Vijaydev Ratanjee Mistry will take you through the various upheavals that he went through and yet stood firm on his grounds.

Rajasthan Police
Past & Present

A coffee-table book, Rajasthan Police - Past & Present, describes each and every aspect of Rajasthan Police, the pride of the desert state that makes the states one of the safest throughout India.

India Calling - 2017
Campaign by PM Modi Across the Globe

A pictorial presentation of all the overseas visits PM Modi made till January 2017, the book, India Calling - 2017 is a quick compilation with some basic details of each of his trip.

Older Publications

Naya Rajasthan

Like the name suggests, Rajasthan of 2010 was a new Rajasthan. This book takes the readers to what led to this growth.

By the time we were ready for our 22nd publication, Rajasthan had an entirely new face, which was well depicted in this book, which was released by Hon'ble Governor of Gujarat, Dr. Kamla, in Jaipur.

Keeping with our trend, this book too was laced with biodata of government of Rajasthan, cabinet, PSU chairpersons and other important government dignitaries, all of whose dot portraits were done by by international renowned artist Mr. Shailendra Khairnar.

Rising Rajasthan

A new edition of Rajasthan – 2007 was our 20th publication, talking about the new developments in the government, and done by the government.

Rajasthan, by this time, was springing. As a thankful gesture to a government that was not ready to stop, having developed the state a lot, and still looking for way more growth, was our 21st publication Rajasthan – 2008 Rising Rajasthan, released by the UDH Minister, Hon'ble Mr. Surendra Goyal, government of Rajasthan, at BM Birla Auditorium, Jaipur on July 27, 2008.

Briefing about almost the parts of the government of Rajasthan, cabinet, PSU chairpersons and other important government dignitaries along with their dot portraits by internationally renowned artist M r. Shailendra Khairnar, this book was released by respected dignitaries of the government.


A summary of the way Rajasthan government was taking the state towards progress.

New ventures did not let us forget our base, our traditions and in the same year as Dubai − 2007 Indian Achievers was released Rajasthan – 2007, our 20th publication, which trailing the earlier editions was entirely a dedication to the endeavours by the Rajasthan government under the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mrs. Vasundhara Raje.

As always, this one too contained brief information of the government of Rajasthan, cabinet, PSU chairpersons and other important government dignitaries and celebrities with dot portraits by international renowned dot-portrait artist Mr. Shailendra Khairnar. The book was together released by the Chief Minister and the Governor of Rajasthan, the Vice President of India, among others.


A book about the growth of Rajasthan, through its education, handicraft, jewellery industries, tourism, promoting culture and heritage.

To cater to our Hindi readers, Rajasthan − 2006 was the next edition of Rajasthan – 2003: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, with the new additions. As has been the trend with us, the book was released on the Rajasthan Day, March 30, by Hon'ble M.P. Rajasthan, Mr. Lalit Kishore Chaturvedi.


A way to thank the UPA government for its it’s commendable and path-breaking governance in India, including Rajasthan.

This was an exclusive book showcasing India under the UPA government leadership spearheaded by the skilled and keen-sighted Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

INDIA − 2006 also showcased an extraordinary collection of handmade coloured dot portraits along with biographical sketches of eminent dignitaries associated with the administration, governance and defence service of Indian sub-continent.

The book was released to celebrate the 60th birthday of Hon’ble UPA chairperson, Ms. Sonia Gandhi.


With this, we started a new trend of dot portraits and biographical sketches of those being covered in the book.

Trailing the earlier editions, this book, our 16th publication, too sang glories of Rajasthan, bringing the rich culture, heritage, valiant history, tradition and hospitality together. It also presented an informative collection of 98 handmade dot portraits along with biographical sketches of eminent dignitaries politics, administration, judiciary, executive, police, press, etc.

Rajasthan – 2005 was released by the H.E. Vice President of India, Mr. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat.

Hotel Resturant Guide-2005

This was our effort to illustrate Rajasthan’s hotels and restaurants.

This book was an effort to bring the Rajasthan-based globe-trotting entrepreneurs closer to the state hotel and restaurant trade with the aim to promote the hospitality of the state at par with national and international market.

It was released by Hon’ble UDH Minister, Mr. Pratap Singh Singhvi on December 11, 2004.


With this book, we celebrated 55th Rajasthan Day along with the top from the cabinet, who were all featured in this.

The third edition to our series of Rajasthan books was Rajasthan – 2004, released on 55th Rajasthan day, March 30, 2004 by the then-governor of Rajasthan, Hon'ble Pratibha Patil, while the book received accolades and appreciation from the first woman chief minister of Rajasthan, Hon’ble Vasundhra Raje.

Continuing with the series trend, this detailed on the achievements and work of the government. The politicos, legislature, judiciary and media covered in this book were presented with their dot portraits.

Rajiv & Raj

A reflection of ex-Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, spirit leading towards miraculous development of the state.

Released by Ms. Sonia Gandhi on September 17, 2003 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, this publication reflected the spirit of former Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, and his efforts to take development in the state to the next level.

The American Presidents &
the Visions of Rajasthan

Rajasthan was on the footpeg of growth, which was outlined in this book in 2003 Since Rajasthan government back then was aiming towards being a smart city and manifold growth, focusing mainly on agriculture husbandry sector, manufacturing, mining and tourism sectors, coming up with special economic zones, we thought to come up with a book on how the vision of American presidents can help our desert state grow.

This publication was released in 2003 by the then Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mr. Ashok Gehlot, during RANA Conclave at New York (USA). This book was released to celebrate the first ever Rajasthani convention in the USA.

Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow

Extolling reviews always leave one happy. This was the result of being appreciated for Rajasthan – 2002.

This book was a result of wide appreciation, positive response and demand for Rajasthan Today, which was with a few more additions in the list of dignitaries of the state government, administration and media, released the 54th Rajasthan Day, March 30, 2003.

Following our trend, this edition too was released amid much fanfare, with Mr. Chandmal Kumawat, Chairman, Maneesh Media, presenting them with their handmade portraits.

City Guide-2003

A celebration of new year with these two rather small towns.

Our 10th publication City Guide – 2003: Bijaynagar, Gulabpura was a new-year gift to the 5000 telephone subscribers of Bijaynagar and Gulabpura.

Raj Planet

A celebration of varied hues of Rajasthan, this book was a handbook guide of the state.

This was a handbook on tourism, hotels and accommodation, shopping, food, jewellery, handicrafts and other things of interest in Rajasthan that cater to the demands of potential domestic and overseas tourists. Maneesh Media celebrated World Tourism Day with the release of this book on September 27, 2002, by Hon’ble Minister Tourism, Art & Culture, Govt. of Rajasthan, Dr. B. D. Kalla.

Rajasthan Today-2002

This catered to our readers in English.This book was the English version of Rajasthan – 2002.


As a celebration of Rajasthan Day, this book about those behind Rajasthan’s growing development.

This book, in Hindi, was a celebration of Rajasthan Day, released by Hon'ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mr. Ashok Gehlot on the very day, March 30.Detailing every aspect of the Rajasthan democracy, it was jewelled by leaders of government of Rajasthan, cabinet, PSU chairpersons and other important government dignitaries, like the Governor, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chief Whip and other dignitaries with dot portraits.

The book was released by the Vice President of India, along with those featured

Hotel Diary-2002

Marking World Tourism Day, this was an enterprise to promote tourism of Rajasthan via the state’s hospitality.

Never forgetting our humble association with the Hotel Association of Jaipur, we once again came together in 2002 to bring out another yearly diary, Hotel Diary. Released on World Tourism Day, September 27, by Hon’ble Dr. B. D. Kalla, Minister of Tourism, Art & Culture (Govt. of Rajasthan), it showcases the tourism aspects of Rajasthan including the luxurious to humble accommodation available, shopping, food, handicraft, animal rides, desert safaris, desert bashing.

The American Presidents-II

A book which was a welcome to the US President Bill Clinton on his second visit to Jaipur.

Jaipur, the pink city, has something to attract people back to it. The US President Bill Clinton paid our city a second visit in April 2001, during which time he released the second edition of The American Presidents. The first edition of this book was also released by him, a year ago.

Hotel Restaurant Guide

A publication strengthening Rajasthan’s tourism potential in the global marketplace along with working as an aid to the tourists.

This guidebook was released during an exhibition, Hotel Tech, organised by Maneesh Media in 2005 at Birla Auditorium in Jaipur, Rajasthan, which brought together the entire buyer-seller network of the industry closer.

American Presidents
George Washington To Bill Clinton

A feature book and a warm gesture to welcome then US President, H.E. Mr. Bill Clinton, released by him.

This book was published as a warm gesture on the visit of the then US President, H.E. Mr. Bill Clinton, released by him at the pride of Jaipur, the Amer Fort on March 23, 2000, in the presence of national and international dignitaries.More than a coffee-table book, this was a feature book that picturesquely talked about all the 42 presidents of the USA, from George Washington to Bill Clinton, with short biographical details alongside their portraits. These portraits were painstakingly made with only dots and no lines, which asked the painters for immense dexterity and impeccable patience.

More than being a useful source of information about the US presidents, this book reinforced upon a commitment to the principle of development through freedom, friendship and prosperity which both the countries strive and stand for.

The Impression of
Mahatma Gandhi

An inspiration is always required to start on something new. Bapu was our’s to begin our trail of exquisite collection of books and information. Telling the tale of Mahatma Gandhi, this book was released by the US President, H.E. Mr. Bill Clinton during his Jaipur visit to the Amer Fort, Jaipur on March 23, 2000 in presence of national and international dignitaries.

We could not have found a better and fitting theme for our first book to start on our voyage with an inspiration from none other than Bapu. With an aim to keep inspiring several others by telling the stories of some of the most successful people, we needed an inspiration to start with. Mahatma Gandhi, respected and revered world over, is one among those who laid his life believing in his capabilities, the capabilities of his country and countrymen, innovation, sacrificing almost everything for a selfless reason. Is not this reason enough for us to put our faith and efforts to publish the biography of the legend of the Indian freedom struggle, the Father of our Nation, Mr. Mohandas Karmchand Gandhi!

This is not just a book but a master-creation by some of the most invigorating artists of times who decorated it with portraits of different phases of the Mahatma using only dots and no lines with precise care.

Rangilo Rajasthan

And here began our journey. We are till date proud of this first part of our collection, which to others might seem inconsequential today. Maneesh Media in its baby steps in the industry of publications started with a diary Rangilo Rajasthan Diary − 2000 for Hotel Association of Jaipur as an ode to the beautiful pink city, laced with culture, heritage, bravery, and hospitality.