Struggling to get your book published? Have a story to publish? Have a new project to promote? Need some marketing collaterals? A whole new website created?

What if you get a pit-stop for your entire publishing, designing & content development requirement?

Choose from the below individual services or get a customised package for yourself, served to you the way you want, maintaining premium quality… all at unbelievable prices!

You can leave it all to our team of experts who bring the best for you!

Book Publishing

History knows how tough it was to get a book published; it was a job that drained out time, energy and money. Now, however, it doesn’t have to take that long, with Maneesh Media in tow with you. Not genre-bound and time-efficient, we provide you the most value-for-money solutions in the world of publishing.

Our services for book publishing can in itself be a whole customised package. You can take a whole package of editing, proof-reading, indexing, designing, type-setting, cover designing, promotions, etc, or take just the services you need. In short, our book publishing services for you include every aspect the field.

Anthologies, biographies, autobiographies, self-help books, chronicles, novels, customised books, or be it any genre, we are there for you!

Video Editing

Our video editing services provide you a lot more than just post-production service. As we extend our services, we also realize that now is the time when videos are often made using not the huge cameras but with smartphones. Our expert video editing team enables you with seamless editing services for small and big groups for their promotional activities as well as news agencies, documentary makers and other individuals.

Get high quality video & audio editing, animation, subtitling etc, all for you at competitive prices.


Printing is often an integral part of every business. And we are committed to meet you business needs. We are one of the oldest, most experienced and affordable publishing houses in the heritage city Jaipur, with our work helping us connect to the best across the world. From digital printing to offset printing to full bindery services to sheet-fed printing to every other kind of printing on the floor, all with the latest technology. What more, we suggest you the best suited options as well!

Website Development

Communication with your future or current client is utmost important, be it with the traditional slow methods or the digital methods. We are sure you maintain it pretty well traditionally, but we are there for you if you are confused about how to digitally communicate with your clients. Website development is made easy with Maneesh Media’s expert services. Not only do we bring you the most ravishing, latest era designs but also optimise it to help you find new clients.

It will be designed gracefully, with the commercial aspect in mind.

Digital Optimisation

The importance of digitally promoting your business in today’s times is not to be forsaken. For any kind of a business, big or small, marketing cannot be ignored, specially now when digital is the new normal. By optimising yourself digitally, you open doors to not just one group of customers but a whole lot of them; and now, you don’t put in efforts city-wise, but globally. The world can become your customer.

Let us help you achieve your dreams, let us bring that smile on you. Cost-effective and time-efficient, we bring you the best results.


We have a dedicated team to help you write the best and unmatched content development for your website, brochure, books, magazines, blogs or articles, copywriting, social media, ghostwriting, etc. Our motto is always to create an experience with words. And to meet your exact requirement, we are flexible to changes and edits.


Any manuscript, for a book, marketing collateral, emailers, articles, we are there to improve it for you. Our editing services not only include editing but also the next stage of proofreading it. Because we understand the importance of putting the best foot forward.


e-Publishing won over hardcopy books in around 2010 as per Amazon, though several books are still not seen on this platform though digital e-readers are common gadgets now.

In case you already have your book ready, or your publisher is keeping busy to help you with e-publishing, let us help your book be available for digital reading as well.


Be it the world digital or the real world, be it publishing on paper the traditional way or publishing it digitally, the world can’t do without designing. We have a team of designers, young and experienced, to bring in the accuracy and the jazz together to design your books, diaries, pamphlets, flex, signboards, brochures, visiting cards and what not!

Video Creation

For the upcoming generations, quick way of promotion is what appeals. A jingle with a video to it often makes the most ideal digital marketing tool. With our team of video content creators, you have it all under one roof.