Jewels of India

Jewels of India: Leading Indo-Canadian Personalities

This book brings forth the accomplishments of people like Dr. Budhendranauth Doobay (an eminent cardiologist and a Hindu priest in Canada, he is a body and mind healer in the truest sense of the word), Deepa Mehta (a transnational artist and a screenwriter, director and producer, her work has been called courageous, provocative and breathtaking), Dr. Gurdev Singh Gill (a communist activist, the first Indo-Canadian to graduate in medicine from UBC and the first to practice medicine in the country. In 1990, he was the first Indo-Canadian to receive the Order of B.C.), Dr. Lalita Malhotra (a health professional, a mentor and community leader, she has delivered more than 10,000 babies in Canada. For her deep connection with the indigenous community, she is now called the Angel of the North) among many others. These are some people who are earning laurels for both India and Canada but hardly do resident Indians know about them. It is time that India too started celebrating them.

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