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Epic Biographies

Biographies are a peek into some great person’s personal, public and professional life. At the same time, it also teaches us a lot, about the way they lived to have a whole biography on them! The way they grew up, their emotions, their inspirations, their motivation, their struggles, their ways to their success, all of it together becomes an inspiration for the readers as well. These epic biographies also become our lessons on history, philosophy, philanthropy, psychology, sociology and a lot more.

And when it comes to autobiography, it becomes all the more fun to read. The first hand narration adds a lot of emotion to it along with showing a practical aspect to life. Here are some biographies and autobiographies of people who have faced it all, fought hard but come out winners. These people the lesser known people who have dreamt big and stood steadfast to realize it. All of this has not only brought them success but also earned India a name on the global entrepreneurship map!

Reading biographies of these people is now easy, find them here, order the online version or get the hard copy delivered to you right at your home with all the precautionary measures taken with your safety in mind.

The Renaissance
The Renaissance – The Life & Times of the Modis
The exclusive family book, The Renaissance – The Life & Times of the Modis, which is being digitally released on 11 April 2021, showc...
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Seasons of Hope: David Musila
These and much more... Seasons of Hope: Memoir of David Musila has revealed a lot about the dark secrets of Kenyan history, almost from t...
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The Story of Evolution – Broadway Bakery (A Tribute)
Migrating and living is one story. Migrating, accepting the foster country as one's own, successfully living, serenading the new country ...
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Believe in YOU: the PRK story
Our stage to take our endeavours of personalised coffee-table books forward, their stage to historicise large-heartedness and strong will...
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Life of A Legend – Vijaydev Ratanjee Mistry
To make this year memorable is this personalised coffee-table book on this entrepreneur, humanist, philanthropist, a man of heart and min...
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The Book of the Heart – Dada Vaswani
If you want to be happy, make others happy," said Dada Vaswani. Just when the world needs a mentor, then comes a rav to guide the worl...
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