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Coffee Table Books

An over sized hard-cover book with a lot of visual appeal and bit less of text to read is a coffee-table book. It’s not very often that you find this book at homes, though public places like some restaurants, hotels, heritage buildings, etc, might have many. Also called art books, these sure are things to be admired and shown-off. Non-fiction, pictures make the highlight. Such is this book made that it can be started from any page and put back at any.

While buying books online has become quite a trend, a lot of these books are still not available on the digital marketplace. However, coffee-table book publishing houses have started being visible online with their best selling books too.

Here we bring you some of the most inspirational coffee-table books with biographies and autobiographies of Indian entrepreneurs, socio-political leaders, global think tanks. These books are a must have for every person who seeks inspiration – a student, an entrepreneur, a leader, a professional, etc – while on their way to success. While some others are informative books on some of the greatest leaders, city guides, etc.

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