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Jewels of Punjab – Leading Global Punjabi Personalities: Vol II

An Invitation to Celebrate Punjabiyat – The Spirit of Punjab!

Celebrating the 550th birth anniversary of the first Sikh guru, Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji, Maneesh Media in association with World Punjabi Organisation is organising a two-day event, Growth, Culture & Punjabiyat: A Symposium by World Punjabi Organisation & Maneesh Media in New Delhi. Highlights of day one, December 20, will be the release of the second volume of a coffee-table book on Punjabi diaspora, Jewels of Punjab – Leading Global Punjabi Personalities: Vol II. On December 21 will be a convention of Punjabis from across the world to promote the culture, values and heritage of Punjab.

Basking in the hues of its noble and bravura past, enlightened by the sainted leader, Guru Nanak Dev ji, Punjab has eventually emerged united as each Punjabi started sharing one vision of a glorious nation, united by history, culture, beyond the human differences. Waking up to such a vision, Punjab today has become a state of secular utopia.

Could there be a better way to celebrate His birthday than to bring together His disciples! Punjabis have the knowledge, dynamism and energy to make their culture a building block of unity and harmony among all the cultures in the world. Here's an invitation to all those Punjabis to participate in a congress aiming to promote Indianism through Punjabiyat.

When we last joined hands with Padma Shri Vikramjit Sahney and WPO happened an inspirational coffee-table book, Jewels of Punjab: Vol I, released by the former Prime Minister, Hon’ble Manmohan Singh and Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa. Featuring names like Amarjit S Marwah, Charanjit S Hayer, Harry Banga, Prithvipal ‘Paul’ Likhari, Jaspal S Bindra, Asa S Johal, Sant S Chatwal, it was a sure-shot success.

With the same energy, we come together once again to initiate a symposium, Growth, Culture & Punjabiyat, wherein Maneesh Media’s exclusive coffee-table book, Jewels of Punjab: Vol II, will be released amid glamour and glitz to be followed by a congress of some of the leading and most-concerned Punjabis.

Global Punjabi intellectuals from across the world are expected to gather and discuss Punjab’s education, language, literature, agriculture, agri-business, health and growth, emphasising on peace. They will together take a leap of faith to fight the cascading problems the nation is gripped by.

Once again, Maneesh Media and WPO invite you to be a part of this spirit of love, togetherness and growth, the spirit of Punjab. Be a part of the Growth, Culture & Punjabiyat to share your vision – a vision to create a better Punjab in an ideal nation!

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