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Jewels of Punjab Vol 2 – Leading Global Punjabi Personalities

Punjab, the land of five rivers, also known as the bread basket of India, is famous for its brave, fun-loving and hard-working people. The state is known for giving birth to Sikhism and its belief in the philosophy and way of life, founded by Guru Nanak in 15th century, taken forward by the succeeding gurus. While the entire state unified to face Jallianwallah Bagh, taking forward the valiance were the likes of Bhagat Singhs, Mantos, Kewal Kaurs. The state now has a niche for itself with its determination and diligence, continuously striving to help India grow economically, thus putting itself on a global map. Releasing the 34th publication of Jewels of Punjab – Leading Global Punjabi Personalities on the eve of India's 71st Independence Day is our way of paying a tribute to all those who have struggled, loved and made India proud, even while staying beyond the boundaries of the nation.

This coffee-table book will be a compilation of the inspirational life journeys of the brave yet jolly sons and daughters of Punjab, who have faced all odds to become a name to be reckoned. The biographies of such inspirational people will be a great source of inspiration and motivation for the readers.

This compilation will take its readers through the experiences, the nerve with which the life-changing decisions taken intuitively were executed by them. These narratives would serve as examples for the young ones to perk-up for their betterment, and also of the society at large. The essence of this coffee-table book is to serve as a beacon of hope and confidence.

It is more than a corporate tale when we present the inspiring life stories of such achievers. Like our many other publications, this coffee-table book will also focus on their personal growth, thus putting true the saying “nothing worth having comes easy”.

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