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Why Should You Read Autobiographies

Think autobiographical books, and you think of some great leaders of different fields from across the world. We Indians tend to buy books at any time, for birthdays or as festival gifts; internationally, books are more of Christmas gifts. Anyhow, why not! They make a good inspirational read for the holidays. However, I know many who are not much interested in autobiographies and biographies; their preference is fiction. While it is completely a personal choice, I believe life stories are different kind of stories which have no fiction but some hard-hitting truths.

While there are many available books online too, I personally prefer to read true to life stories. Autobiographical and biographical accounts give indepth knowledge of how the person became what he or she is today, or what made them what they were better known for. Think Indira Gandhi, the former prime minister of India, the first Indian woman to take charge of such a responsible position. She was a national leader, who awed many international leaders as well, yet her biography has more than just what made her the leader. You get to know what child Indira was in her book.

Download free eBooks to read and see how some immensely successful but lesser known Indians too have their biographical sketches created. Extremely inspirational, these accounts go right from the day their forefathers decided to migrate to a new country to provide a better life to their family to this date, when their efforts are still bearing fruit in shape of their industrious kids. These autobiographies and biographies make a good example for their future generations. Some of these people don’t prefer to provide their books to everyone, but limit it for a very private distribution among their family only. The idea behind such books is simply to tell their next generation, and the next and the next generations about they have maintained their Indian culture and heritage in foreign land and also absorbed the best of their foster country; of the things they should know of their country of origin, among other things.

At times, these autobiographical books might not seem as interesting in the beginning, but once you start getting into it, realizing the people and the efforts that have been made by generations, it starts inspiring you to continue reading and inspire you to make this world a better place to live for future!

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