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IIT Bombay’s 60th year of existence: Shailesh and Kalpa Mehta donate $1 Million at the Diamond Jubilee Celebration

IIT Bombay recently celebrated its diamond jubilee when many among the alumni came together for the happy moment. The highlight of the festivity became the donation announcement of $1 million by one of the alumni IIT Bombay, none other than our Jewel of Gujarat, Mr. Shailesh J. Mehta.

Mr. Mehta attended the event with wife Kalpa and presented the bounty under the name of Shailesh & Kalpa Mehta Charitable Foundation.

While addressing more than 600 guests taking part in the celebration held at Santa Clara Convention Centre, the Indian-American executive and venture capitalist said that the contribution is millions more to what he has donated to his alma mater through the foundation. There is also a management school named after him, Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management established by IIT. The new center will reside there.

“I am honored and privileged to make this pledge to SJSOM to help support the Executive MBA program that will help create world-class corporate leaders of the future, who will make significant contributions toward India’s rapid development and a better quality of life for its citizens,” said Mehta at the event.

The man of the hour was also praised for being a ‘key supporter’ by the president, Ruyintan Mehta. “We hope Shailesh’s generous donation will set an example and encourage all alumni to donate generously on the occasion of the diamond jubilee of the founding of IIT Bombay,” he added.

IIT Bombay is reportedly gearing up for alumni meets at different locations worldwide, namely, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, New York, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, New Delhi and Mumbai. The primary agenda of these congregations will be sharing the roadmap to IIT to the future aspirants and the story of its evolution with time.

It’s a moment of pride and honour for Maneesh Media to have featured Mr. Shailesh J. Mehta in its coffee table book, Jewels of Gujarat- Vol 1, released in 2015. We congratulate him for the generous contribution he made for the furtherance of India’s top reputed institute.

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