The Renaissance

The Renaissance – The Life & Times of the Modis

The exclusive family book, The Renaissance – The Life & Times of the Modis, which is being digitally released on 11 April 2021, showcases Indian values, the importance of simple living and staying connected with family and friends despite being from different countries and cultures. Encapsulating four generations and more than 100 people that are featured here, the Modi and Sanghvi families have narrated the stories of even more people and shared the secrets of happiness.

The book showcases not only the values and cultures of India and especially the Jain community in a country that for once found it difficult to accept it but also the importance of giving back to the community.

It is a book of celebration that will be released, a celebration of legacy, a story for the generations to come, to communicate to them through their story of hardwork, sweat, determination and inspire them to be passionate, dedicated and loving, so that their future generations can know them better, remember them and feel proud of who we have been, where we come from and how we began. The book shall also remind the future generations to understand the importance of staying connected with their Indian roots, no matter where they put up in future.

Having an experience of 21 years in book publishing, Maneesh Media is releasing this book to inspire hundreds of those who fear taking risks and thus hold themselves back from reaching the pinnacle. To spread this message across, Maneesh Media has put in a lot of hard work day-in and day-out. Majority of the work has been done during the lockdown period (During COVID-19). The world was running entirely on the only option that was work from home. During this difficult phase too, Mrs. and Mr, Modi helped us sail smoothly. They coordinated with us even though they were the frontline fighters during the pandemic and their schedules were packed. We were mesmerized by their diligence. No doubt, talking to elders and listening to their stories has given us an idea of what our history, our values, tradition and our culture have been. It’s a pleasure to see that the Modi family still has those values inculcated in them. While these values once created ruffles in the western world, the same world has started accepting and absorbing these values in their daily lives now.

Presenting you here is a book of past, present and future!