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Buy eBooks Online and Beat theHeat This Summer!

Nothing beats summer than shopping. And for some of us, it could be window shopping.

Some others find pleasure in… online book shopping!

No matter what you or I might say, there are lots of folks who will always root for summer despite the heat, dust, flies, water-shortages and power cut. But they have their reasons: the days are longer, so one can do a lot more things. Winter makes people lazy. Because of the cold, no one wants to get out of bed and do anything else, least of all have a wash or take a bath, which though is yet another good reason for reading! For the ladies it’s worse; household chores are such drudgery. Yes, indeed. The only thing that feels good is to laze in the sun and read books. And with advancing technology, it’s a good thing to have access to books from global publishers right on our phones. Just stay inside the quilt as snug as a bug in a rug and read one off your favorite books.

Well, it seems all right to live in a make-believe world for awhile. But the fact is that summer is actually here. Here is a long checklist of some of the cool things one can do. One can buy ebooks online. Or else make a nice, tall glass of lemon, mint and soda with lots of ice. Or then one could try whipping up a cup of yoghurt in the mixie with lots of sugar and crushed ice. Other choices include sugarcane juice, fresh orange juice, tomato juice. If juices are not exactly you cup of tea, there are ice-creams, colas and Kulfi.

Anyway, there is still a lot of drinkable stuff that can make life worth living. Milk with crushed almonds and ice is an all-time favourite, for some extra live action and fun, thandai, a mixture of milk with some intoxicating stuff is the ultimate experience. After that one is in a world of their own. Try it and see.

But while you’re about it, don’t forget who to contact the concerned persons who could help you to publish your book. Who knows, it could change your life forever.

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