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Vithal Devsibhai Dhaduk

Vithal Devsibhai Dhaduk

He helps budding entrepreneurs realize their dream! He is a proud Jewel of Gujarat!

Today when one of our directors, Mr. Siddharth Kumawat, met him again, he came back to narrate his story to us. Perked up, we feel.

Many budding entrepreneurs face a major hindrance, that of lack of the ideal mentor, who can provide the required support. Dr. Vithal Devsibhai Dhaduk helps them over the hindrances. This man, who is a qualified neurologist, is blessed with great insight that has helped him in successfully founding many businesses, which once were his hobbies. Today, the doctor is ‘the push’ that many budding entrepreneurs wait for!

No, it wasn’t always the same for him; once upon a time he too had found ‘that push,’ which became the reason that he is what he is. Coming from a farmer’s family, life was tough once. He has seen his father struggle to get him the best education, first through the school, then through graduation. Later, Dr. Dhaduk decided to go for Doctorate in Medicine at BJ Medical College and was doing exceptionally good when a group of visiting doctors from the USA were rather stunned by his capabilities. They left inviting him to work with them as an assistant physician. This was in 1983.

A year later, he completed his residency in neurology at Medical College of Pennsylvania and won the David Dunn Medical Memorial Award for ‘outstanding teaching and study of neurology.’ Although he was continuing good as a doctor, yet the entrepreneur inside him kept the spirit burning and he soon ventured out into the world of business. One led to another and several successful trysts, he today is one of the directors of Kensington Real Estate Group in Dubai. Along with, he is working with several other mega projects in Dubai, Uganda, Atlanta, Virginia. Founder and vice-chairman of Nuron Biotech, he is also the chairman of Global Pharma Analytics & Apicore Pharma.

It has been his modest childhood and a successful present that has made him philanthropic. With his strong belief in promoting education for everyone, he invests his time and efforts in several education initiatives in Gujarat, along with helping build health organizations in various cities of Gujarat. We are proud to feature him in our coffee-table books, Jewels of Gujarat (2015) and Jewels of India (2014).