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Ganpatbhai Patel

Ganpatbhai Patel

A qualified engineer found more satisfaction in being an entrepreneur. However, being an educationist soothed him the most. Why? Well, he knew in his heart and mind that education can best change the society along with creating better employment opportunities.

Dreaming BIG, what he wanted was to form the best center of education. How, he wasn’t too sure, when his big dreams led him to take baby steps with Majulaben Science College in Mehsana and later started Ganpat University. What he developed through Ganpat University was an easy and affordable access of education for those who couldn’t have afforded it otherwise. The idea was to meet the professional educational needs and provide state-of-art learning opportunities with an academic excellence and industrial relevance. It his endeavour to produce socially responsible students who will rise above the social boundations and be a true citizen of India!

What we gave him the power to dream this big?

Born in 1946 in Mehsana, a rather underdeveloped region then, Ganpat was the youngest. His father, a farmer, had always dreamt of the best education for him, which he could find for his son only in the USA then. His father then wondered if Gujarat too could have flamboyant educational institutions, which gradually became Ganpat’s dream too.

We, at Maneesh Media, had the pillage of featuring Ganpatbhai in our coffee-table book, Jewels of Gujarat (2015). In his own words, “Knowledge will take you to the places you want to go. Make sure that you recognize the significance of knowledge as a part of life and what it can do for you. If the fish is taken out of water, they would have no life. Knowledge is very similar for you.”