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Perhaps it would do well to bear in mind the kind of attire that would be most suitable for summer, especially if you’re living in the dusty and arid conditions of the Rajasthan desert.

Clearly the best choice by any standards are light, crisp cool cottons. The fabric by its very nature is light and airy. It allows the skin to breathe. So whether it’s for female garments or male attire, there is no limit to what people can do with cottons. Even muslin is a time-tested fabric for the summer, but it is more suited for women’s attire. But while you’re out shopping for the latest styles in summer wear, it would be handy to check out existing trends in coffee-table books online. It’s always good to have such information under your hat because one never knows when it could prove to be useful.

Oman is another desert country with a long and hot summer. But here people are not too particular about cotton attire, barring a few exceptions. The menfolk do show a marked preference for white, cotton, tunic kind of attire that is long and flowing, and is called a dishdasha. The white colour acts like a reflector and does not allow the fabric to absorb the heat of the sun, when one ids out of doors. However the womenfolk, usually wear black flowing gowns called abayas. Here too there is a deep interest to explore and buy online coffee table books. It is true that in the Gulf countries there is a keener interest in digital literature.

But there’s nothing that can equal the interest of the Arabian people. They always seemed to be swathed in a whirling swirling mist of perfumes of the most exotic kind.

In India too there is an enduring culture of perfumes. But it can never equal the range and variety of Arabian fragrances. Now that we are talking of good things in India too, a visit to the historically rich Jaipur is a must. Once there, do check out the book publishers in Jaipur too. One of the leading book publishers of Jaipur is Maneesh Media. Leaders in the field of coffee-table books since the past two decades with their expertise with the Indian diaspora, they have a branch office in New York too. Their efforts meticulously chronicle the lives of Indian diaspora in the remotest corners of the world.

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