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Personalized Books

Why are personalized books the latest trend?

When Maneesh Media was started 20 years back, it was started with the idea of writing about the unheard of success stories of the Indian diaspora. We never knew these stories that amazed us could inspire others. We started with publishing coffee-table books, gradually getting head-on with personalized books as well. Getting to do personalized books for individual families of extreme name and fame was new to us, an aspect we didn’t think of.

As we gradually got to know several among the Indian diaspora, some of them accomplishing some unimaginable things, and often started referring back to them in our drawing-room conversations, our guests went back smiling and would thank us later.

Why? Little did we know what inspiration and motivation we were unleashing! Did we ever think lives of a handful of Indian diaspora could be so motivational? And here we are today! Having started in 1999, standing in 2020, facing the worst of global pandemics and a failing global, especially Indian, economy, we as a small Indian book publisher realize once again, “a pen is mightier than a sword”. While we are sure OTT platforms have really helped people stay in, at the same time we would like to believe that it has been new hobbies like reading, gardening, cooking, etc, have people maintain their calm. Global book publishers should be proud!

Be it reading books online, or reading a hand-held copy, with no dearth if titles, books have always found their place in a corner of most of the houses, or hearts. However, it is through the personalized books for adults, which can really be translated as a source of inspiration for many, families find their Pandora box of memories in. We as book publishers recommend you to get your personalized family book as well. It won’t be for you only, but for generations to come to find their family values towards establishing a name!

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