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What about laundry and haircuts?

A couple of days ago, a news channel report said the Rajasthan government planned to put in place a door-to-door delivery system of vegetables, dry ration, milk and fruits. This is certainly a very positive and pro-active step in the face of problems brought on by the Corona virus. Shut inside homes, access to a vast array of commodities or services, has been restricted to the very, bare minimum. The recent announcement of a further extension in lockdown, makes it imperative for a smooth distribution system. Under the circumstances to be able to buy books online is a big boon indeed.

But there are some other things which are equally important. For instance, what about laundry services and barber shops. There are many people who seem to shy away from the onerous task of doing their own laundry. Apart from temperament, circumstances are to blame just as much because many don’t have washing machines, automatic irons or ironing boards. There are others who are single, unmarried males, or are ‘forced bachelors’ for various reasons. As the COVID 19 lockdown is on the verge of completing its second month, the question that pops up in everyone’s mind is how book publishing is faring nowadays.

In a ‘worst-case’ scenario if one does decide to do the laundry with a grim face and many frowns, what does one do for a haircut? Grizzly beards and fuzzy faces are not a problem at all. But haircuts, certainly are. Wouldn’t it be nice if barbers were sanitized and sent door-to-door? Many with a two-month head of hair, were caught unawares when the lockdown was announced on March 22. When the lockdown ends eventually, can you imagine the long queues outside barber shops. Only some lucky few, whose wives run beauty parlours can ask their spouse to give them a home trim or whatever. Other than that, the ensuing luxury of spare time should, among other things, give people some ideas about printing books online.

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