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Want to Know How Hard Work Pays? Get to Know Yusuff Ali MA

He reigns with a $7.4 billion LuLu Group in Gulf.

He initially went to Abu Dhabi to support his uncle’s small business.

He hails from a small village in Kerala, which today can’t stop being proud!

Maneesh Media closely associates with him since 2006. We are openly proud of the fact!

“Business is not just about money, products or services, it’s all about people,” says the Chairman and Managing Director of Lulu Group, Mr. Yusuff Ali MA. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the Group has achieved an ambitious growth owing to the strong workforce who share the drive and dynamism of Yusuff. It’s a chain of popular shopping malls and hypermarkets and serve the broad segments of multi-ethnic residents in the UAE.

His journey started in the late 60s when he opted for a diploma in Business Management & Administration from Ahmedabad after his school education in his native, Nattika, Kerala. Soon he was called by his father, who was in the distribution trade with his uncle MK Abdullah in Abu Dhabi. He learned the parts and parcels of the wholesale distribution and import business in the next 30 years. Yes, it took learning and experiencing business for 30 years before he headed to the retail sector in the 1990s to introduce his own label LuLu, a supermarket chain.

LuLu Group, in the foresightedness and vision of Ali, has about 48,600 human resources serving in 37 different nations and is ranked as one of the most successful corporates of today’s date. With a steady ascending growth over the years, the brand makes a yearly turnover of US $7.4 billion worldwide.

Though we featured him in Jewels of South India – Leading & Emerging Global Personalities in 2017, we have had close professional and personal associations since long. Everytime we met him, we came back inspired. No wonder we featured him in Jewels of South India! Talking to him, knowing his story, his struggles, his dedication, encouraged the team too. And readers!

He might be a millionaire businessman today, yet he remains humble and values his roots. Involved in several social, charitable, and humanitarian activities not only in Gulf countries but India too, he ensures communal harmony of NRIs in the Gulf by fostering their interests. He is closely associated with the Gulf authorities to arrange free land for Christian community to construct churches. Yusuff has always been at the forefront in organising big and timely relief measures for the victims of natural calamities in India. He was the first to contribute for the restoration of the Calicut showcase fire casualties when thousands lost their job and amid the amnesty time frame in the UAE, he was in the front line by giving free air tickets including different offices to several hapless Indians who couldn’t manage the cost of a ticket back to their homeland.

Yusuff Ali has always aimed at bringing foreign investments and expertise to India. He put in front various infrastructural development projects, for example, the first and only International Airport with private participation in Cochin.

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