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The ‘Quicksilver Sikh’

He is a flamboyant, swashbuckling, fun-loving adventurer who makes people sit up and notice him. So no matter where he is or where you are, it doesn’t matter. With his phone he’s got millions of people in the palm of his hand. Or to put it more precisely, he’s got two million followers on his twitter account and still climbing,

You never know, it could soar to 4 million by tomorrow. Anything could happen when Harjinder Singh Kukreja is on the move. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call this personable gentleman the ‘Quicksilver Sikh’ because he personifies Perpetual Motion.

One moment he’s up in the air sky-diving and the next he’s at the bottom of the sea in his scuba gear. But hold on a minute! The huge difference is that ‘Quicksilver Sikh’ has done these things with his turban on just to change people’s perceptions and awareness about the Sikh community. And he’s the only Sikh to have done this.

But Harjinder has a lot of other things as well. He’s a chocolatier extraordinary. Any connoisseur of premium chocolate will tell you that Belgian chocolates are the best in the world. Harjinder’s Chocolate Cafe in Ludhiana is a runaway success. Bravo, Harjinder! You’ve got the whole world in your hands.

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