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Tanishq Abraham

Tanishq Abraham

The bliss of accomplishing the objective of life is above everything and that is proved by the child prodigy Tanishq Abraham. The Indian-American boy achieved a milestone in his academic career as he has completed his biomedical engineering at an age of 15 from UC Davis, Washington. Having a firm and focussed mindset of making dreams a reality, Abraham is laying the groundwork for his doctorate now.

The teenager is very proud of his accomplishments and so are his parents who believe that his strong passion has made him achieve this. As per the reports, Tanishq wants to cure the problems by finding solutions to them. He has also designed a heart rate measuring device for the burn patients having no physical contact with them. He wishes to develop more effective and curable treatments for cancer patients.

Talking about the supportive arms standing beside the brilliant mind, Abraham’s parents, Taji and Bijou Abraham had the best Father’s Day gift, just a couple of days after his 15th birthday. His mother is a veterinary doctor and father a software engineer. Tanishq’s uniqueness was seen in the kindergarten days itself, says Taji. The 15 year old along with his team has also presented a senior design project at the grand rounds at the Medical Centre of UC Davis. Moreover, he did a project presentation in Southern California at the biomedical engineering conference.

The precocious youngster was not only the talk of academic circles by the time he was selected as a pre-teen at UC Davis but also parenting guides. Questions including was he pushed too hard for studies or whether he was living a normal childhood were revolving around him round the clock.

University of California has acknowledged Tanishq for its Davis graduate program where he plans to get his MD in the accompanying 4-5 years.

We are utterly delighted to have featured Tanishq and Tiara, his sister, in our coffee table book, Jewels of India, released in 2013. Maneesh Media feels proud to know about this child at an age when he had vague thoughts about his objectives and that his parents gave the clarity of his considerations and thoughts. We gladly congratulate him for his remarkable accomplishment and feel obliged to had a word with him when he was not unveiled by the media. The teen brain has receded from the headlines and grew up from the world which has stayed ordinary. He is a motivation to not only the current younger generation, but to himself too, always on the way to attain ever more.