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Kanaksi Gokaldas Khimji

“How well your business helps your nation is how well you’ll do.”

World’s only Hindu Sheikh traces his history to Gujarat. Almost 150 years ago, in mid 1800s, a merchant from Mandvi, Ramdas Thackersay reached Muscat looking for better accessible ports. The family traded in grain, tea, spices, etc., in Muscat and dates, dry lime, etc., in India. Thackersay’s son, Khimji Ramdas, joined his father and together they sowed seeds of what led Muscat into a new world, forming one of the largest business group in Oman, Khimji Ramdas Group of Companies. Back then, Middle East hadn’t discovered it’s oil wealth and the royals were almost in a poor state. Khimji family was then lending money to Sultan Sa’id, the father of the present ruler, Sultan Qaboos.

Time has passed since then, new generations picked up. Kanaksi Khimji, Thackersay’s great-grandson, took over from his father, Gokaldas. The group was still at a growing stage. Kanaksi showed a lot of promise, like his great-grandfather did! Today, the group churns out more than $1 bn. Thousands of global brands in consumer products, lifestyle, infrastructure, projects, and logistic choose the brand as its partner.

Every achievement that the group makes becomes a milestone the next day. However, it is Kanaksi’s dedication to see his country grow that brought trust and success to his family business too. His efforts have also brought a significant recognition to Indians in Oman. He still maintains a deep devotion to Lord Shrinath ji. His pioneering interest in education has led to development of several schools in Oman, including the first English-medium school. With the rulers of Oman respecting and trusting Khimji family, Kanaksi has also worked for strengthening the bi-lateral ties between India and Oman.

Other than his entrepreneurship, his philanthropy too makes him known world-wide. This Pravasi Bhartiya Samman Award winner was featured my Maneesh Media in Jewels of Gujarat (2015) and today sees to the upliftment of women, dedicating his time and efforts at multiple levels.

Is it a wonder that he is the only Hindu sheikh across the world?

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