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Jewels of Gujarat-Leading Global Gujarati Personalities (Vol. I)

jewels of gujarat

Maneesh Media presents its Silver Jubilee Publication - “Jewels of Gujarat - Leading Global Gujarati Personalities”, a salute to the Gujarati Community which has always been at the helm of change in India as well as the world. In fact Gujarat has maintained a unique identity since millennia with many great men who have enriched the state and world with their immense contributions. Mahatma Gandhi who got us the Independence or Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who unified the Independent India, are Gujaratis. Even in this new era Shri Narendrabhai Modi who has been elected the Prime Minister of India by an overwhelming majority belongs to this great state.

Being entrepreneurial and enterprising the Gujarati Diaspora is spread across the globe and in this book we have compiled some eminent personalities from 14 different countries across the globe.

Here we have Gujaratis who have reached the apex of their career around the world and are respected for their remarkable achievements, but what sets our compilation apart is that there is less description of their professional life and more details of their humble beginning, the hardship phase besides their social & community involvement along with a brief family introduction.

In brief we can say that this book shows the diversity of achievements of Gujaratis and we have some of the leading personalities who have earned respect and honour not just in the state of their birth but even in the country of their residence and the world.

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