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The Book of the Heart - Dada Vaswani

The Book of the Heart is his sweat and blood in words. This coffee-table book depicts Dada Vaswani's entire journey since birth till his death. Decorated with beautiful illustrations, it covers the brief life of his master, Sadhu Vaswani, the Sadhu Vaswani Mission and praises from notable dignitaries.

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Life of A Legend - Vijaydev Ratanjee Mistry

To make this year memorable is this personalised coffee-table book on this entrepreneur, humanist, philanthropist, a man of heart and mind.

This year will be memorable for us forever as we have also started doing personalised coffee-table books. To commemorate this new venture was the proud and successful journey of late Mr. Vijaydev Ratanjee Mistry, the great fashion legend, whose family let us have an insight his life, personality and legacy. Complied in an aesthetically appealing book, Life of a Legend – Vijaydev Ratanjee Mistry, his eldest son Mr. Harish V. Mistry released it on January 7, 2017 at Navsari, Gujarat, on January 7, 2016.

He was just not an entrepreneur, but also a great humanist, a consummate philanthropist, a dynamic man with a big heart and mind, a visionary and a creative genius.

Believe in YOU: the PRK story

Believe in YOU: the PRK story

Our stage to take our endeavours of personalised coffee-table books forward, their stage to historicise large-heartedness and strong will, this was a book of romance with God's will. A book of struggles and success, weaknesses and strengths, a book from grassroots to skylines, it narrated the life story of a businessman who is more of a philanthropist. The picturesque book was released on May 20 in Surat (Gujarat).

'Believe in you' was the only constant thought he had grown up with. From an extremely humble background, luxury from him was to have papers and pencils to study. Borrowing books, studying under a streetlight, topping classes in university, finding menial jobs in the USA, nothing stopped him. With his belief in himself, from finding basics to continue his studies, he moved on to provide state-of-art education to several of those who cannot afford it!

The Story of Evolution – Broadway Bakery (A Tribute)

The Story of Evolution – Broadway Bakery (A Tribute)

Migrating and living is one story. Migrating, accepting the foster country as one's own, successfully living, serenading the new country is another. This book, narrating the story of more than 100 years of migration of a family and its success, was released by the founders in Thika, Nairobi as they celebrated the successful completion of their brainchild, Broadway Bakery's 60 years in the business on June 30, 2018.

Believe in YOU: the PRK story  Believe in YOU: the PRK story