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July 7, 2019 by Maneesh Media Team

Did the question “where did the week disappear” bother you again? Did the weekend come as a reminder of more failed resolutions? Do you often reflect upon “what if I could…” but are unable to take actions to fulfil your target?

Is your team often staying back more often now? And yet you think your team hasn’t fulfilled the tasks? Do you think the team isn’t working on what you dream to achieve?

Life – in its own course – may not offer answers to these questions before you are overwhelmed with more tasks, more actions, more challenges, more disappointments and more stress. So much so that motivational speeches, articles, self-help books, mind-calming music, etc, have become your source of inspiration for a while? Attracted to all “ALTER YOUR RESULTS IN 3 WEEKS” headlines?

Reading sounds good and easy but working towards it still is a “tomorrow on” task?

So, sit up and pay attention.

Repeat to yourself – It’s Possible! It’s Possible! It’s Possible!

Just a few things that need to be identified and worked upon and you may have answers to most of your questions. Helping you reach your target, achieve your dreams is almost as fun as a child bursting a few balloons; the fun of bursting one motivates him to burst another and a the whole series, leaving in a riot of laughter.

Identify the traps: Because of the basic design of our brains, as gifted to us by the God, it becomes trapped into thinking what we tell it to and eventually feeling and acting a certain way.

Self-awareness: By identifying the traps of our deep rooted belief systems, we can easily identify what stops us from being unstoppable. As soon as the awareness of our barriers is created, dismantling them becomes rather easy.

Taking new actions: As happens in a circle, dismantling barriers leads a way new actions and a step closer to the desired results.

Creating new future: You now hold the reigns to your brain, you can now lead it to creating a new future for yourself. Like Mr Sachin Sachdev, Founder, Let’s Design Life, says, “the brain doesn’t have you, you have your brain. Don’t let the brain control you, make yourself to control your brain!”

You may now tell us, “easier said than done.” Well yes, it often is, especially if you listen to a motivational speaker. However, it’s not the motivation that you need; you already have it enough of it from the various sessions and books. What we need you to do is to have a rather practical aspect to all that is holding you back by looking deep into your life and your beliefs about you.

Easier said than done, true! But when was working on yourself was easy? Isn’t it always advising that comes easy to us? For a change, let’s advise ourselves something. And together, lets design life, the way we want it to be!

Need any suggestion for yourself or a friend, colleague, relative you really care about? Need to know the best advice from you to you? Need to know what’s holding you back?

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