Pride of India

August 8, 2019 by Maneesh Media Team

Aren’t you just glad about Chandrayaan 2? Ah! Did I just see a smile flashing on your face? Yes! That’s what it does to everyone of us.

Without getting in depth about what Chandrayaan is and how, because it has been all over the internet and other media, we couldn’t hold ourselves back in telling you how well appreciated it is. And why not! By 20 August it will reach the part of the moon where no one ever has been! “Further major activities include, remaining Earth bound maneuvers, Trans Lunar Insertion, Lunar bound maneuvers, Vikram Separation and Vikram Touch Down” quotes ISRO.

Chandrayaan 2 and its success made to global headlines and received appreciation from around the world, by the NASA as well. And why not! It is an indigenous, low-cost technology based space programme. The New York Times wrote, “If the rest of the mission goes as well, India will become the fourth nation — after the United States, Russia and China — to land on the moon, more than 200,000 miles away. Its target is a region near the mysterious south pole where no other missions have explored.”

If things go right, it will be an achievement for India, which can inspire many other countries too.

What are the other similar achievements of India that you proudly boast of in your country? Let us know as

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