Love the You in You!

May 10, 2019 by Dr. BB Jaju

Wish you all a very happy and highly successful new year ahead.

Have you ever seen a rainbow? How beautifully the seven colours come together after the wonders of nature! The rainbow of therapeutics is composed of… Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Acupressure, etc. To entangle further, each of the colour of the therapeutic spectrum is divided into various sub-colours or sub-divisions or branches. Every therapy has its own merits and demerits. Sometimes nothing can replace the excellence of surgery (as seen in the case of fractures), at other times allopathic drugs show their sovereignty. One of the examples being a syphilitic infection. Sometimes homoeopathy addresses the failure of modern drug therapy. Quite successfully, at other times Ayurveda or nutrition surpasses the therapeutic efficiency of every other therapy tried earlier.

As said earlier, every therapy has its pros and cons. If we expand further, allopathic drug therapy is considered most reliable in fighting acute bacterial and fungal infections but is loaded with highly unacceptable adverse effects. Surgery addresses the surgical cases quite quickly but gives considerable physical and mental pain, cosmetic concerns and cannot root out the disease, hence, the potential risk of relapse and recurrence.

Homoeopathy has proven helpful and even curative in many cases of drug and surgical failure but often takes a lot of time in showing substantial relief and of little use in acute infections, surgical problems and nutritional deficiency diseases and disorders. Likewise, Ayurveda has emerged a quite helpful and successful therapy in various diseases over and over again but lacks trust when it is about handling medical emergencies, life-threatening acute infections and other surgical cases.

In short, we can say no therapy is complete in itself and one particular therapy is better than other ones to address the need of a particular health issue. But while dealing with various therapies, we forget the one very basic thing. Can you guess that fundamental and most basic thing, essential for our existence on the planet?

Nutrition! For mind and for body. Nutrition is the most primordial thing; it is for our life what blood is for our body. Oxygen from the air is nutrient for us; water is nutrient for us; sunlight creates many important nutrients in our body, the well-known one is Vitamin D and the lesser known is EZ water. Nature surrounding us gives us various nutrients like phytonutrients, zoonutrients, amino acids, peptides and proteins, fatty acids and lipids, carbonates, vitamins, minerals, fibres, enzymes, hormones and so on. We can survive without the complicated or rather simple medicines and therapies, but definitely not without nutrition. It is fuel for a vehicle of life. Our body is not made up of drugs or Homoeopathic pills and tinctures or Ayurvedic medicines. It is made up of nutrients. Lack of nutrients invites a lack of energy and disorders in our body. Toxins, weakness, fragility, lack of energy and disorders all invite uncontrolled inflammation and various diseases in our body. Diseases compel us to seek various therapies like Allopathy, Homoeopathy and others. If you can nurture your body with required nutrients in optional amounts, you will need no or very little medicines in your life. Less of medicines and therapies mean more of vibrant health and more of life in your life.

Let’s live it to the fullest!

God bless all of you.

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