Jewels of Gujarat, Vol. II: eBook

May 10, 2019 by admin


– More than 400 pages

– Weighing more 4kg

– Distribution in 35 countries


– eminent families from 30 countries

– people as old as 99

– families continuing in the same business for past 300 years

– richest family of Kenya

Adding one more to our Pandora Box, Jewels of Gujarat – Leading Global Gujarati Personalities: Vol. II was released amid much fanfare, glamour and glitz on the eve of 9th Vibrant Gujarat, January 17, 2019, by Dr. Vimal B. Shah, Chairman (BIDCO Africa Ltd., Kenya and a mentor for a sustainable growth in Africa), Mr. Vinod S. Patel, Founder (Vinod Patel Co. Ltd., Fiji), Mr. Rizwan N. Adatia, Chairman (COGEF Group, Mozambique), Mr. Kumarpal, Director (Varada Diamonds, India), Mr. M.P. Rama, CEO (Sima Hotels, LLC, USA) and Mr. Chandmal Kumawat, Chairman (Maneesh Media, Jaipur & USA). All the 100 featured personalities were honoured amid a vast gathering of an august gathering from more than 30 countries, while more than 500 attending NRI guests had a fiesta!

A series of inspirational stories, this inimitable compilation covers the life journeys of 100 triumphant families of Gujarati origin who carry the true meaning of being a Gujarati—kind, mercantile, and dynamic. They have been traversing across the Arabian Sea since time immemorial. Calamities of sorts, hurdles at work, nothing deters them. So much have they been focused that they are now listed among the tops internationally.

The entrepreneurial, enterprising, and successful Gujaratis are spread across the globe. These personalities who have been gritty and determined to face all odds courageously are the source of inspiration behind this coffee-table book, through which we further inspire our readers.

This coffee-table book, as is our trend, features personalities from different strata of life, in different fields of businesses, yet common in their roots, which binds them to optimism and strong will. There is no problem to which a Gujarati does not have a solution for!

When we first embarked upon to explore the state beyond tourism and handicrafts, we discovered a huge mine of gems, the drivers of Indian business. Doing the first volume of Jewels of Gujarat, our silver jubilee publication, which was released by the Prime Minister of India, Hon’ble Narendra Modi, we realised how the state has been blessed with unabashedly hard-working men. Some, we featured then; some, we feature now in our current book; we hope to come across several others in future.

Chairman Chandmal Kumawat quotes, “We are proud to serve our motherland by writing inspirational stories of people who have made difference not only in India but all around the world. The events we organise for the releases are a way to bring people from different countries together and dream of a new India.”

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