Did You Vote?

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<p>Having celebrated <i>Desh Ka Mahatyohar</i>, the Lok Sabha Election 2019 in the world’s largest democracy from April 11 to May 19, 2019, India is anticipating the upcoming leadership! The statistics read that 900 million Indians have voted this time. The entire nation is waiting for May 23, the day results will be announced. Everybody, all 100%, and even the ones settled abroad want a good government to come into power so that it could change the next five years of their lives, but, the irony stands still, tall and erect, as only around 64% voters are active. Yes, it is true! Only 64% Indians are concerned about a better India, though everyone wants to taste the benefits of good government policies!</p>
<p>Every person in a democracy is born with few rights and few duties. Voting is as much your right as is it your duty. Your decision of one day can change your tomorrow, for at least the coming five years. And if one day can shape your 1,826 days, you must be responsible, at least for yourself and your own family if not the entire nation.</p>
<p>Have you wondered how good or intelligent a person you are? If you think you are better than many, more intelligent than the one you compete to, then the value of your decision to vote and whom to vote becomes more. Because you can take a wiser decision than others, your one vote can change not only your five years, in fact, by simply doing this once in five years you can help millions of your countrymen to help a good government come into power. Billions will also be benefited from it. Even if the government changes, there will be some good to be followed upon. So voting is not simply right or duty, but philanthropy, for many around you, for you, for your next generations. Your one action helps billions, today and in future!</p>
<p>Elections not only affect people living in India but also non-resident Indians. And this philanthropy must be practised by not only Indians but the non-resident Indians too as a good government home is good support at your back. Same way, no matter how much you earn and how far you live with your parents, but their support always matters, even if you don’t need it.</p>
<p>Did you become a philanthropist? Let us know if you did, or did not, why and why not? Share your views on</p>

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