A Budding Sports Star: The Story of Suchita Vashisht

May 10, 2019 by admin

She saw kids practising Karate every morning from her school van. It was then that the seed of a future martial arts sports star was planted in her.

One day, she went to her father, a police officer by profession, whom she expressed her wish to join the class. Little did the father know that it was going to be his best gift to his lovely daughter, yet he agreed to grant her wish, for she was a class topper.

Little Suchita started practising Karate at age 12 under the guidance of Mr. Mahesh Kayat and, with time, explored Grappling and Pencak Silat as well, earning the black belt in 2015. Though she has won gold medals at the state-level for Karate, Grappling and Pencak Silat for the consecutive last three years, silver medal at National level for Grappling in 2016 and gold medal at National level for Pencak Silat in 2017 and 2018, the journey for her has not been easy.

A third-year engineering student, she admits it is passion that one needs to pursue things to dream. At times, she has skipped her college exams for her love for sports. In fact, to qualify for the final selection for the final trials in Asian Games 2018, she left her final exams, for which she had to give an undertaking at the college as well.

The first female to qualify for the Asian Games 2018, this 21-year-old girl is confident that she can make a big difference in this game and earn India a Gold medal in the Asian Games 2022, preparations for which she has already begun.

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