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Buy These Coffee Table Books Online to Learn Minimalistic Lifestyle!

With the current situation, do we imagine getting back into the same world that we were in? All these days of lockdown have taught us to lead a minimalistic lifestyle. And as we live minimalistically, it is wonderful how the nature has revived itself. Conscious, careful, cautious are the new buzz words for human lives, while rebirth, rejuvenation etc are for nature. As nature rejuvenates, human lives rejuvenate as well. How about learning about making the most of the less we have?

Here we talk about some coffee table books available online as well that we found meaningful especially for these difficult times.

This is Home – The Art of Simple Living (Natalie Walton)

A coffee table book online about interior design but with the idea of basic principles of happy living incorporated into homes is a well-researched book. It discusses ideas on how to maintain focus on quality of living and not décor. Though it may not completely suit our Indian requirements, but it definitely can start a thought process.

Fashion Made Fair (Ellen Köhrer & Magdalena Schaffrin)

One of the best coffee table books to buy online, the authors promote eco-friendly and socially conscious design of clothes. They have interviewed many sustainable fashion experts which are all in the book. Read this or gift it, it is a book of motivation to make the best of the worst fashion a trend.

Foraged Flora (Louesa Roebuck, Sarah Lonsdale, & Laurie Frankel)

Love flowers? Here’s a book for you! The best way to decorate your home for freshness is to have flowers at home, but why pluck and kill the living flowers. Buy this book and learn to make your own flowers, look alikes of real flowers! Put your best on your coffee table!

The Japanese Garden (Sophie Walker)

A must have for every interior lover who hopes to have a garden at home. Well, not all of us have space enough to have a wholesome garden, but do browse through this one to find ideas for a small garden in our balconies. The author is herself a garden designer and explains over 800 years of Japanese culture of garden along with highlighting the significance of this culture.

The Green House (Alanna Stang & Christopher Hawthorne)

Lay your hands on this coffee table book and browse through it to find some bold design ideas with sustainable technology. Whatever this book talks about is all innovative and design-forward concepts for millennials.

Make Garbage Great (Tom Szaky & Albe Zakes)

Want to repurpose your daily home waste? Here’s a coffee-table book full of ideas to reduce and reuse the waste. Not just you, your entire family can read it and find out the best ways suitable to them. A zero-waste lifestyle can get a new-found meaning for you in this book. It not only give you instructions and ideas but also explains things with statistics, interviews and ways through it. Each time you open this book, you are sure find a new idea!

Well, these books probably didn’t ring a bell with you. But at the same time we understand while readers find their choicest of books, books too find their readers. If not these, try some book publishers in Jaipur to find your inspiration to continuing on your path towards success come what may.


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