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Prem Singhmar

December 16, 2017 by admin
When in Canada recently, our chairman, Mr. Chandmal Kumawat explored a new feather in Mr. Prem Singhmar’s, AUM Hotel Group, cap… Singhmar Centre for Learning in NorQuest College, Edmonton, Alberta. Mr. Singhmar, one of the proud Jewels of Punjab, took Mr. Kumawat on a visit to the new Centre, which sprals in 22,500 sq. mtr. Named after Mr. Singhmar, the centre is equipped with labs, student spaces, a new library and bookstore, centre for growth and harmony, and an indigenous student centre, along with some of the most outstanding infrastructure to hold cultural ceremonies. To help the students, most of whom are eager to learn English as a second language, the library houses a collection of children’s books and invites not just the students but also their children. A dentist, a hotelier, a real estate expert, an education enthusiast, an...
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Lalit Mangal

December 2, 2017 by admin
Lalit Mangal, co-founder of a start-up,, was featured by Maneesh Media in Jewels of South India (2017), and is is an angel investor and mentor to many other start-ups, has some powerful messages for all the young enthusiasts and business aspirants. Here we share what he shared with us as we connected with this Jewel of South India! Lalit Mangal, fete, says: Fit the market, get customer validation Don’t give yourself a compelling mission, but a meaningful one Don’t fly after early signs of success Core members, sit and discuss the ups-and-downs Think long-term
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For the Love of Old Times: Connecting Beyond Boundaries

November 27, 2017 by admin
When the great partition hit innumerable people of India and Pakistan, it brought rage in a million more citizens of both the nations. People had to leave their homes and be on streets for days, months; for some it became a forever home. Almost everybody cursed the partition. Almost everybody! But then there were a few families which stood firm on their grounds, witnessed a difficult phase, but, today, that phase has made them strong enough to leave their mark not only in India or Pakistan, but all around the world. The multitalented, the effervescent, fashion and art photographer, radio host and jewellery designer, Mustapha Tapu Javeri's is one of the most influential people in his country. He is an exceptional artist, having won the title of Nikon's top 32 photographer in the world. His comes from a proud Gujarati...
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Dr. Amerish ‘Ami’ Babulal Bera

November 16, 2017 by admin
Humanity happens by choice, not chance. The story of Dr. Amerish Bera revolves around the same as the heroic creature desires to serve his community on the loose. The first-generation American born, Bera is a physician turned congressman representing California’s 7th Congressional District in the U.S. House of representatives. An optimistic man thinks about the best possible things to happen and Bera is an epitome to optimism. The man in question started his life story in 1958 when his parents immigrated to the US from Rajkot (Gujarat). Born in Los Angeles and brought up in La Palma, California, Ami has truly considered America to be a place that is known for fresh new chances. On the educational front, Bera possesses a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences along with an M.D. from the University of California at Irvine. However, he adopted...
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Vinod Dayalbhai Vadera

July 27, 2017 by admin
The King of Tea Gardens All he wanted was just a chance; he got one and turned the tide in his favour. An aspiring student Vinod Dayalbhai Vadera flew to London to study law in around 1950 from Uganda, and why not… his father was a flourishing businessman of tea estates. However, Vinod was forced to come back when his father’s health deteriorated. He was not the one to be disheartened. As he started assisting his father’s business he noticed a few flaws and suggested some remedies. His father gave him a chance to prove himself and his methods. Could he have disappointed? Leaving no stone unturned, Vinod led to a better yield. He was discovering new aspects to the business, but surely encountered just as many hiccups; he felt confident with his father by his side. His confidence, sharp...
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