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What are you having – tea or coffee?

April 21, 2020 by admin
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The debate over which is a more popular beverage, tea or coffee, never seems to end. Although the odds are squarely stacked in favour of tea, coffee-drinkers stubbornly refuse to admit to the fact and never miss an opportunity to ride their favourite hobby-horse. Even in South America, long regarded as the world’s coffee capital, tea is the scene-stealer as numero uno. Yes indeed; not coffee, not cocoa, not even beer – Only tea. Perhaps online book shopping could give us clues. In the meanwhile, there is unassailable evidence that tea is the reigning champion. For one thing, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) says the average daily consumption of tea globally stands at around six billions cups every day. The two maximum populated countries, China and India, are extreme tea lovers. And now the ultimate and most...
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Why Should You Read Autobiographies

April 9, 2020 by admin
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Think autobiographical books, and you think of some great leaders of different fields from across the world. We Indians tend to buy books at any time, for birthdays or as festival gifts; internationally, books are more of Christmas gifts. Anyhow, why not! They make a good inspirational read for the holidays. However, I know many who are not much interested in autobiographies and biographies; their preference is fiction. While it is completely a personal choice, I believe life stories are different kind of stories which have no fiction but some hard-hitting truths. While there are many available books online too, I personally prefer to read true to life stories. Autobiographical and biographical accounts give indepth knowledge of how the person became what he or she is today, or what made them what they were better known for. Think Indira Gandhi,...
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COVID-19 Coronavirus brings people closer

April 7, 2020 by admin
Social Distancing
Forced confinement to our homes on account of the Coronavirus has led people to resort to various innovative ways and means to either occupy themselves or interact across various digital platforms. Some among us have books, yet some are quick to buy online books to continue with their reading. While men are mostly talking about business-related matters, the women are going yakitty-yak-yak on their mobiles, talking their heads off nineteen to the dozen. In pre-Coronavirus days without any restrictions on mingling or mixing, the ladies got their adrenaline rush with their regular doses of juicy neighbourhood gossip. But the exchange over the cellphones is of a more mundane nature. Now the talk centres around the prices of fruits, vegetables, milk and dry provisions like rice, wheat flour, pulses, cooking oils and sugar or about who’s getting what from where and...
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The Innocence My Cat Gifted Me

April 2, 2020 by admin
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Now that the Coronavirus in India has permeated and affected all human activity that form a part of our daily routine, it is interesting to note that even animals are not like their usual selves anymore. With their sixth sense, it’s easy for these creatures to tell that all is not well. The ever-present stray dogs and cows, a prominent neighbourhood fixture, have almost disappeared. And then, what about house pets? I suppose dogs are the worst affected because they can’t have their daily walks on account of the curfew. Perhaps online book shopping could point me in the right direction and throw some light on how to deal with this situation. I wonder what these animals would have to say, if they could only talk. It is more than certain they’d blame us totally for the mess that the...
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Reading Books: the Best Thing to do during the Lockdown

March 27, 2020 by admin
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So… all locked-down and wondering how to best utilize time? Play with your kids, help them study well in advance, talk to them, let them share their experiences, you share yours, enjoy meals together. How about reading books as you look for some me-time! With nothing to do and nowhere to go, the world has practically come to a standstill. That’s what happens when viruses, like Coronavirus this time, get out of hand and run amuck. While it is true that you cannot ignore its global repercussion or the restrictions put in place as a result of lockdowns in many countries, there are still some amazing ways in which people can view life from a new and different perspective and rediscover themselves AFRESH. So come on, don’t sit around and mope; slow down, get out of the fast lane and...
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Love yourself: Indulge in Coffee Table Books and Pets!

March 23, 2020 by admin
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Buy books online, read in bed, adopt pets, let them disturb you as you read… Doesn’t that define heaven! What more if you get to buy books on pet-care! Well, yes there are many, visit a store, virtual or real, and you’ll know. Pets have an aura of charm around them that makes you want to cuddle them and care for them as much as possible. However, the right care, which includes medical care, too is important. And well, once you do have a pet, you realise caring for animals is not all that easy and thus books come in handy to understand their various expressions. Yet, a veterinary guidance remains a must! You may start with the innumerable online coffee table books on pets, though some dog-owners will tell you that their dogs have a good appetite for books....
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Stay Trendy & Buy Online Coffee-Table Books

March 16, 2020 by admin
Perhaps it would do well to bear in mind the kind of attire that would be most suitable for summer, especially if you’re living in the dusty and arid conditions of the Rajasthan desert. Clearly the best choice by any standards are light, crisp cool cottons. The fabric by its very nature is light and airy. It allows the skin to breathe. So whether it’s for female garments or male attire, there is no limit to what people can do with cottons. Even muslin is a time-tested fabric for the summer, but it is more suited for women’s attire. But while you’re out shopping for the latest styles in summer wear, it would be handy to check out existing trends in coffee-table books online. It’s always good to have such information under your hat because one never knows when it...
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Buy eBooks Online and Beat theHeat This Summer!

March 7, 2020 by admin
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Nothing beats summer than shopping. And for some of us, it could be window shopping. Some others find pleasure in… online book shopping! No matter what you or I might say, there are lots of folks who will always root for summer despite the heat, dust, flies, water-shortages and power cut. But they have their reasons: the days are longer, so one can do a lot more things. Winter makes people lazy. Because of the cold, no one wants to get out of bed and do anything else, least of all have a wash or take a bath, which though is yet another good reason for reading! For the ladies it’s worse; household chores are such drudgery. Yes, indeed. The only thing that feels good is to laze in the sun and read books. And with advancing technology, it’s a...
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Giving vegetarian food a personality

December 13, 2019 by admin
Feeding people cuisine with a distinct ethnicity is what he loves doing best. He happens to be an authority on Vedic style, vegetarian, Indian cuisine of the most exotic kind. In short, food is his muse that allows him the freedom to express his creativity. His preferred style calls for slow cooking on low heat. That’s Corporate Chef Manjeet Singh Gill for you all the way. It may surprise most people that Chef Gill’s preferred career choice was not food, but to join the Army. In deference to his mother’s wishes, he had to change plans.  Then, in 1971 midway through his BSc. Studies, he decided to make a switch and enrol at the Institute of Hotel Management, New Delhi, in Catering & Nutrition. After a circuitous route through many jobs, hotels and training institutes, including Oberoi School of Hotel Management,...
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Soldier battling on at 106 as farmer

December 11, 2019 by admin
Some soldiers never fade away; they just keep soldiering on with their usual fire and thunder, standing tall and proud – even at 106. A decorated war veteran who has seen action in World War II, Major Bakhtawar Singh Brar, who retired from the 6 Kumaon Regiment in 1963.  But Major Brar was not ready to hang up his boots. Youtube - 107 Year Major Bakhtawar Singh Brar According to him life has to go on; a person is never useless in life. Performance may go down, but a man is always capable of doing something or the other for himself and his family as well as for his country. After moving to the US in 1968, his proud spirit refused to let him accept the welfare pension scheme offered by the US government. Instead he and his wife chose...
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