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Bhupinder Singh Anand

Just 4 during the India-Pakistan partition, Bhupinder Singh Anand knows what ‘shatter’ really means. He grew up watching his father, a dentist, struggle to help his family settle down post-partition. As soon as he completed his graduation, he decided to join his father’s business, who before partition was a dentists, but couldn’t continue post it and thus had opened a kiosk, Anand Motors, trading in automotive parts, in Delhi.

The father-son duo soon started to manufacture automotive parts exclusively for export, collaborating with international brands. Their clientele, international or national, swore by the quality they offered. Though, they were once again uprooted by the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Bhupinder restarted, opening Anand Motor Products, a full-scale manufacturing facility, which by 1992 had entered the North American market. By 2005, Germany, Italy, the UK, etc., demanded for his products, over other international brands.

Today, behind AMP Group of Companies is a proud Bhupinder who has created its network of dealerships in north India collaborating with Jaguar Land Rover India Ltd. (JLR) and is on a mission to be the finest dealer partner of JLR across the globe!

Known for bringing the most luxurious four-wheeler brands in India, he was featured by Maneesh Media in Jewels of Punjab (2017) and today shares some advises for young entrepreneurs:

The most permanent asset of life is your education. Invest your time there.

Have an ambition.

Pursue it with a dedication.

Respect your work and nation to make others respect it.

Give your best to your work and people.

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