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Arjan Singh Bhullar

His name says it all. He is tough, he is strong, he is fierce, he is a wrestler, he is Arjan Singh Bhullar! Yet, the beneath the toughness hides a small little heart, a rather soft one which doesn’t match his built-up wrestler body! The name Arjan means warrior. And anyway, can’t we all resonate the name of this hero, featured by Maneesh Media in Jewels of Punjab (2017), with our mythological hero, Arjun from Mahabharat!

Wrestling, however, was in his blood, as his father, Sardar Avtar Singh Bhullar too wrestled for passion. Yet, Arjan could never realize his passion till his grade 10; once he did, nothing could stop him since then. Success followed him, he represented the national team, became Wrestler of the Year in Canada (2009), winning gold in 2010 Commonwealth Games. This was the first time an Indian wrestler was getting so much recognition in Canada and around the world.

Beyond all that he won, he has something more that he proudly calls his prized possession. His legacy, which says:

  • Be humble
  • Be proud
  • Be fulfilled
  • Leave impact
  • Improve

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